The best way you can help Re-Vision is to go on a trip! We'd love to have you along. We partner with Short Term Missions for all of our trips, so check out some of the trips we have coming up this year and join us!

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Trip Resources

The theme for Re-Vision's 2018 mission trips is "Ready, Set, Go". Team members will be provided a trip journal segmented into each stage. The "Ready" stage gives information and devotions for pre-trip preparation. The "Set" stage includes devotions for the time spent in the Dominican Republic; the trip is an opportunity to practice and refine your mission skills for a return to your primary mission field - your home town. The "Go" devotions are for the days following your return from the Dominican Republic, when the Great Commission calls us all to evangelize and disciple those in our areas of influence "as we go." Journals will be provided several days before your trip, but if you'd like to see the content earlier, you can click on the image below.


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2018 Mission Trip Journal Cover