Dining Hall Concept drawing

The first floor of the Center will include a dining hall that will be used to feed children in the Compassion Program as well as other feeding ministries.

FRONT VIEW 2-1.jpg

Front View Concept Drawing

The plans for the building include two stories of classrooms, dining space, vocational training rooms, clinic space, conference rooms, office, and storage.


Multi-purpose space

Rooms in the Center will be configured to be as flexible as possible as to how they may be used and may include sone moveable walls to allow for creation of larger spaces.


The first floor plan is designed to provide 5 classrooms, a preschool space, restrooms, a kitchen, a cafeteria, offices and storage.

Lapse Los Asises (17).JPG

Re-Vision Construction Superintendent and helper Ricardo pour and level concrete floors in phase one of the Center in Los Asises.

Esquema Estructural por Etapas Primer Nivel.png

This color-coded drawing shows the different phases of construction of the first floor.  The section marked with yellow circles is scheduled for completion Fall 2018.

Lapse Los Asises (13).JPG

Summer mission teams from South Carolina and Tennessee completed columns and walls for phase one during 2016 and 2017.


The second floor plan adds more classroom space, but also adds vocational training space, additional restrooms, offices, conference rooms, storage, etc.

_DSC1207 (1).JPG

Late in 2017, funds were received to install the beams.  Workers from our partners in Haina helped with installation and preparation for the metal deck installation.



In the spring of 2018, a memorial gift of $25,000 was received, and matching $25,000 pledged, for work on the Center.

This should allow us to open phase one in the Fall of 2018.  

The remainder can be completed as funds become available. An estimated budget is provided below.

Los Asises Budget.jpg