These children in Duvergé near Palmar de Ocoa are in need of a Re-Vision!

These children in Duvergé near Palmar de Ocoa are in need of a Re-Vision!


Providing, for those whose vision for the future is held captive by hopelessness, an opportunity to dream again — with obstacles removed and needs met, to see a new picture — a "re-vision" of all their lives could be.

The methodology of Re-Vision is to develop long-term relationships that provide the resources required to address needs in four key areas -  economic, educational, medical, and spiritual development -  in communities in the Dominican Republic.

Re-Vision secures resources through grants, corporate contributions, church partnerships, and private donations to fund work in our partner communities.  The work is accomplished by mission teams in cooperation with local laborers and staff.


Our History


How Re-Vision Came To Be

Re-Vision was birthed out of the combined experiences and vision of several ministry partners who have served together for years.  In 2007, Re-Vision founder and Executive Director Doug Campbell was serving as Missions Pastor of a large church in Middle Tennessee.  That church entered into a partnership with World Servants, Richfield, MN, and VisionTrust, Colorado Springs, CO, to serve a community in the Dominican Republic.

In that partnership, a long-term commitment was made to La Represa, a small community in the San Cristóbal province, to assist them in pursuing their dreams for their community.  In five years, there was a new church building, a new school, a water purification plant, multiple new jobs and small business, and many who have given their lives to Christ. La Represa was a community transformed.

Recognizing the power of the process and the scope of the work, it became obvious that there was an opportunity to reach many more by gathering and deploying additional resources - financial and human.   In 2012, Re-Vision, Inc., a faith-based 501(c)3, and Fundación Re-Visión, a sister non-profit in the Dominican Republic, were birthed.

Juan and Rosemary's story demonstrates the power of holistic, Matthew 25-type, ministries. Their story, and others like them, happen best when long-term partnerships are in place.

Partner Profiles

Re-Vision has established long-term partnerships with three different communities in the Dominican Republic and works through the local church in each.

To see where each community is located, click HERE.

H - Julio Cesar Welding.jpg


Partner Church - Iglesia Evangélica Misionera Juan 3:16
Pastor - Ulises Casanova; Co-Pastor - José Miguel Ubri
Compassion International Director - Isa Fructuoso

Los Asises was Re-Vision's first community partner. It is also the home of a Compassion International program that serves over 400 children. The relationship between the church and Compassion International is deep. Pastor Casanova was himself a sponsor child in the program and came to know Christ as a result.

Currently, the program is housed in a two-room rented facility that is vastly under-sized. Around fifteen years ago, the church bought an adjacent piece of land and had an architect make drawings of a center that could one day house the Compassion program as well as church and other community activities. They then began praying for partners to help them fulfill their dream.

Re-Vision began bringing teams to Los Asises in 2015, and our hope is to occupy phase 1 of the community center in the fall of 2018. There is still much to be done, but their dream is becoming a reality. Click below to see renderings, floor plans, and construction updates.

Teams coming to Los Asises may work in many different ways depending on the needs of the community and the gifts of the team members: construction, kids' clubs, sports, evangelism, discipleship, men's and women's ministries, crafts, vocational training, etc..

Lapse Haina  (17).jpg


Partner Church - El Refugio
Pastor - Julio Cesar Uribe

Ministry Partner in Haina - LoveServes (AVI)

Haina is the largest of the communities we serve with a population of over 160,000. Within Haina, however, are many smaller boroughs each with its own personality.  

Pastor Julio Cesar Uribe's influence can be seen throughout Haina. Not only does he pastor El Refugio, but he has also planted four other churches in the area.  Work on the 6th Refugio is beginning now. His stated goal is to plant a total of ten churches in his lifetime.

Re-Vision led construction of the 5th Refugio and is now working with teams and the community on the 4th Refugio.

Pastor Julio is also a master welder. The tragic death of his son a few years ago inspired him to build a vocational training school that would help rescue young men from lives of violence and crime by equipping them with vocational skills and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (click HERE to read more of this inspiring story.)

When AVI Director Daniel Rodriguez introduced Re-Vision to Pastor Julio Cesar, we knew we wanted to be involved with his ministry.  With the help of teams from LoveServes and support from the Willow Creek Association, the Center was dedicated in December, and classes started in January.

Little girl in Duverge.jpg


Partner Church - Jesús la Única Esperanza
Pastor - Pedro Sanchez

Ministry Partner in Palmar - LoveServes & Compassion Int.

Palmar de Ocoa is our community most distant from our hub in Santo Domingo.  It is located in the Azua Province, 2-3 hours west of the capital.  Pastor Pedro Sanchez leads the church in Palmar and supports a church plant in nearby Duvergé.

The church in Palmar has become a significant leader in the community.  They are often called on to lead in disaster relief efforts; they have a feeding ministry; they have their own water purification plant and ministry; they have recently partnered with Compassion International; and they are working to provide vocational training in their community.

Their church plant in Duvergé is the only evangelical. church in the area and serves a very poor community plagued by drugs and prostitution.

The church there has created space for children's ministries and vocational training.  They also serve the poorest in their community by pouring concrete floors, building latrines and kitchens.

Teams in Palmar may serve the children in the Compassion program, assist in some of the home improvements, conduct home visits, participate in evangelist and discipleship efforts.  Re-Vision has also sent multiple medical and dental teams to serve those in the community.


Fundación Re-Visión Team

Our team in the Dominican Republic serves our partner communities both when teams are in country and when they aren't. Their combination of experience, skills, and passion make them one of the finest ministry teams in the country.

H - 4th Refugio construction5.jpg

Melanie Spence de Mordan - Director
Fernando MOrdan - Construction superintendent

Pictured (L-R) Christopher, Fernando, Tessa, Melanie, Jack, Paula, and Crisfer


julia hernandez de ferreras - accountant and office manager

Pictured (L-R) Hendri, Julia, Deborah, Jorge, and Alan.


Joseph castro - intern



fundación re-visión board of directors

Pictured (L-R) Doug Campbell (Vice Chairman); Daniel Rodriguez (Chairman); Rita Melo; Melanie Spence de Mordan; and Julio Jimenez (Secretary).